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If you would like to submit an article related to top trending, movies, tv shows, gaming and technology. Please check these requirements and send in your articles for review.

We usually let you know within two days if your article will be posted or not. If accepted then we will send you the link after the article has been published, usually within 48 hours.



Thanks for your interest in writing for top trending, movies, tv shows, gaming, and technology blog!

Our high standards for top trending, movies, tv shows, gaming, and technology content has made our blog popular among enthusiasts. Therefore, we provide a great platform where you get recognized and maybe even famous.

Before you write your post for our https://ReadyTechFlip.com/ blog, be sure you are familiar with guest blogging guidelines and our audience — do visit these guidelines to be sure they are clear.


ReadyTechFlip is a well-known news media company founded on 6th December 2019; aim’s to help their readers with the right and proper technology solution. Be it about most trending news, anime, comics, games, software, computers, smartphones, gadgets, and everything running in the trending. Our product reviews and analysis are always in-depth, well researched, and detailed, which helps our extended audience to make better decisions.

We only accept original content. Make sure if your article has been published anywhere else, please do not submit it.


We always like original and casual content, but it should be conversational, informative, and friendly. We want your personality that shows through in the writing as you inform our readers something exciting and new.


Word count

Blog posts should be between 500 and 1,000 words. Strike a balance between concise and being detailed. Our readers also enjoy screenshots, examples.


Shareable headlines always work great. You have numbered “How-tos” work well to grab the reader’s attention. Pretend you’re reading a particular tweet—and imagine what would get your attention?


Use headings at the beginning of the paragraph. Use numbers and bold text in your titles, readers will love skimming your posts for a crucial stand out material. Also, highlight important thoughts with bold text.

Content MUST be unique

Authority Article – it was written by a writer familiar with the subject, Interesting and informative.
Reads as if written by an English speaker
Include at least 3-4 large-high-quality photos


We give you 50 words bio at the bottom of your guest post for including one link back to your website.

You may link back to two of your website or company’s blog posts in the post if it fits the context of the topic and enhances the message of your content. Remember that keyword stuffing will not be published.


Include at least four visually-compelling large-sized photos placed in the middle of the post between paragraphs and always use copyright-safe sources. You should match the image file name to the keyword being targeted in the headline.

Your Article Needs to be Related To:

  • Top trending
  • Movies
  • Anime & Comics
  • TV Shows & Web Series
  • Gaming
  • Technology

We may modify your article as described:

  • Add new photos or change photos
  • Modify text for SEO or to improve readability and grammar.
  • Also, add an internal link to our blog or website
  • If changes are made, then you may request a modification to those changes or request articles be removed. If changes are made, they are minor. Minor changes are made to improve the article’s SEO or grammar. If significant changes are needed, we should not accept an article.



1. Let us know you’re interested. – Send us a quick email with two topics with outlines as well as one link to another article you have written. Please be as detailed and precise so we can assess whether the subject of your article will fit in with our criteria of the blog.

2. We approve of your idea. – If your article ideas don’t fit in with our Ideas for top trending, movies, comics, anime, tv shows, gaming, and technology blogs, but you have a great writing style, then we will work with you to come up with better ideas.

3. You write an article. – As per our editorial guidelines submit your articles as a Word document in the ready-to-publish form with no grammar or spelling errors. Read it to yourself and let your friends read it over as well. We will check it once and may send it back for corrections, once.

4. If needed, we may edit. We would not have to edit your articles, so please be sure to read our guidelines carefully. If we deem it necessary then only we may edit your article and may also send you comments to that effect. Note that If it needs too many edits, we may reject your article.

5. You make the final edits. Again, if we still don’t feel an article is up to our standards, then you are free to post it elsewhere.

6. Now you are officially Fine Blogger! We will publish your article on our blog, and we won’t promise that you’ll be famous, but we are sure readers will love it!

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