WB Reportedly Believes Henry Cavill’s Superman Can’t Lead New Movie

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Henry Cavill’s Royal Superman adventures could be as Warner Bros. allegedly does not think he could lead another DCEU film at this moment.

Warner Bros does not appear to believe the world is prepared for one more Superman solo film with celebrity Henry Cavill. The studio also has had to radically rethink its slate as a result of continuous delays on films like The Flash along with the passing of Ben Affleck as Batman. Warner Bros has, nevertheless, seen success with solo films like Aquaman and Shazam!

Lately, fans were granted some degree of clarity on the future of Superman after it was disclosed the studio had been in discussions with Cavill for the following DCEU look, a move that allegedly put that the long-rumored Supergirl film on hold. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill has stayed tangentially involved with the function, recently appearing on a live-stream using Zack Snyder while minding his notorious Justice League mustache. Fans also have remained vocally interested in seeing the celebrity go back to the function, most recently evidenced by Shazam! Manager David F. Sandberg was hilariously completing Cavill’s cameo within his film, so buffs will probably “stop texting [him] about it.”

Based on “insider advice ” obtained over at Heroic Hollywood, Warner Bros. isn’t convinced there’s enough attention in a solo experience for Cavill’s Superman currently and instead expects to develop the character with him perform a supportive role for the near future.

It is surprising to find that the studio so bearish to a Man of Steel sequel’s chances, given the recent history of the personality and its celebrity. However, since it is merely a rumor, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Superman’s return to existence, and to becoming a brighter and not as dour personality, was among the couple agreed upon highlights of Justice League.

It would not be the first essential DC function to go in a new direction contemplating the current Batman recasting. The studio, also Cavill himself, has ensured fans the cape remains in his cupboard. But, together with Superman’s future still unsure, also Snyder’s Justice League is not likely any reshoots, it is uncertain when, if ever, Cavill will go back to the function.

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