Unorthodox: 5 Things A Fan Should Know About Season 2?

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The series is one of the most articulated shows one can expect, and it showcases the life of a teenage girl Ester “Esty” Shapiro, who shifts the gears of her life. She lefts her overtly religious life to a completely secular life, and this is something which is going to change her life forever. Her life transcends boundaries in every possible way; she not only changed her aspects of religion but also leaves Brooklyn to live in Berlin. The first season has helped people in understanding the genesis of the series, so a second season seems to be inevitable at this stage.

Things a fan should know if they are waiting for the second season of Unorthodox
  • The series is an adaptation of a wonderful book titled “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots” by Deborah Feldman. The book was released in 2012, and now this book has inspired this series to widen the ambit of Deborah Feldman’s thought and ideas, which she has tried to convey through this book.
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  • The series has a relatively shorter runtime than conventional ones, where one gets at least eight to ten episodes in a season. This series has just four episodes, and things have been kept crisply so that fans get a true perspective of the story and less of beating around the bush. This is something which you will like for sure if you want to keep things simple and not into overdramatization of things.
  • In 2014 the author Deborah Feldman released another book with the title “Exodus,” and she has revealed a lot in that book. The autobiography showed how she struggled with her son’s religious pretext, and the difficulties of her life have been written subtly. This gives us the impression that series can be extended way beyond the second series if the producers will find the content suitable for a TV series. Although there is an official word in this regard but a book on the same thought process can be the fodder for upcoming seasons of Unorthodox. A lot depends on the fans’ response and how this is going to turn out for the fans.
  • The real-life story in the series is a reel story, and it is shown in flashbacks, but the real story is crafted entirely differently. This is something that has been at the core of the thought process behind the series, and showrunners have to ensure that there is no juxtaposition of facts whatsoever.
  • The real-life story of Deborah Feldman is different from what has been shown in the series, as these are some of the most controversial things to talk about. Being a young woman, she has all the right to live freely, and showcasing the real-life story would jeopardize the life of a young woman who has a promising life ahead of her.

Not much has been revealed about the second season, but if there is any official word from Netflix, we will update you.

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