The Flash Showrunner Explains Why Hartley Sawyer Was Fired

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The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace issues a formal statement describing why Harley Sawyer, who performs Ralph Dibny, aka. Elongated Man, was terminated.

Sawyer combined The Flash in year four because the former authorities officer-turned private investigator Ralph Dibny. The personality evolved to his comic book superhero character, the Elongated Man, within the duration of this season and was a recurring player on The CW’s TV series ever since. This will no longer be true when The Flash yields for the season, after Sawyer was fired from the show.

The statement was made in reaction to Sawyer’s older racist, and misogynistic tweets resurfacing on the internet and was supported using a joint announcement issued by Warner Bros. Wallace has since published a new report on the internet that covers his reaction to reading Sawyer’s Twitter posts along with the rationale behind his shooting.

Along with describing the problem with Sawyer, Wallace confirmed his commitment to hiring more “Black and Brown authors, directors, actors and producers of all genders to help tell FLASH tales,” also voiced his support to the Dark Lives Issue motion.

In addition to being The Flash’s first Black showrunner, Wallace has been famous for how he has allowed the series’s non-white characters (notably, the girls of color) to glow because he took over. This was more important in light of Patton’s adventures before. After she joined the series since Barry Allen’s classic love interest (a personality generally portrayed as white at the DC Comics universe before then), Patton needed to take care of a great deal of racist attacks from lovers online in reaction to her casting. So, her becoming to play a more active part in year 6 wasn’t just a long-overdue improvement, but a welcome movement on Wallace’s role – one that indicates he’ll follow through on his commitment to hiring more Brown and Black creatives to work on the string moving ahead.

If that’s the situation, she wasn’t fired but left after (allegedly ) on-set worries contributed to her and Batwoman’s manufacturers agreeing to some mutual break-up. Showrunner Caroline Dries has since verified Batwoman year two will replace Kate using a new character, instead of recasting the job. That sounds unlikely to occur with The Flash, what with Ralph being a fundamental element of Team Flash heading into year 7, so the chances are more in favor of Mr. Dibney being written or siphoned off the series. In the latter scenario, Team Flash will not be damaging for members in year seven thanks to recent developments like Chester P. Runk (a nerdy Black scientist who joined the show in year 6).


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