The Flash: Hartley Sawyer’s Tweets That Got Him Fired

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Actor Hartley Sawyer was discharged from The Flash to get a set of tasteless tweets, but precisely what did the today ex-Elongated Man say, which was so shocking?

Arrowverse lovers were amazed by the statement that celebrity Hartley Sawyer, who plays the role of Elongated Man, was being discharged from The Flash due to a collection of offensive remarks he’d made on his private Twitter account.

Hartley Sawyer joined the cast of The Flash at the beginning of the season, playing the role of personal investigator Ralph Dibny. A weak form of a report on corruption during his short time as a police officer with the Central City Police Department, Ralph butted heads with all the straight-and-narrow Barry Allen since they were made to work together to confront a criminal mastermind called The Thinker. With time, Ralph discovered salvation for the guy he’d been and became among the Flash’s most stalwart allies.

Regrettably, it’s been demonstrated that playing with a lecherous detective wasn’t much of an evaluation of Sawyer’s acting abilities. The majority of the distasteful remarks discovered by enthusiasts around Sawyer’s Twitter, which contributed to his dismissal, were of a sexual or misogynistic character. In 1 tweet, Sawyer explained that a fantastic ice breaker at parties would be to mention, “All girls should maintain sexual .” Sawyer also made quite a few jokes regarding wife-beating, staring at women’s breasts and, in a particularly vile conversation, stated, “I enjoy girls that are great in the sack! The burlap sack at which I place my sufferers .” Several Sawyer’s additional tweets referred to him being a critical serial killer who adored torturing girls.

Concerning the water crisis from Flint, MI, Sawyer whined he had access to clean water but could not watch Godzilla in the home until he obtained the surround sound system on his home stereo repaired.

It was seen if the manufacturers of The Flash will recast the part of Ralph Dibny or find some method of writing him from this series in the aftermath of Sawyer’s dismissal. The latter alternative seems more probable, provided the manufacturers of Batwoman, confronting similar problems in the wake of lead actress Ruby Rose stopping, have chosen to replace Kate Kane using a brand new Batwoman instead of recasting the job. In any situation, it is going to be intriguing to see how this changes the narrative of The Flash year seven and if it’ll have any impact on Natalie Dreyfus’ function as Ralph Dibny’s love interest Sue Dearborn.

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