Tenet Delayed AGAIN, Will Now Release Mid-August

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Christopher Nolan’s upcoming blockbuster Tenet was postponed for the second time as a result of coronavirus and published in mid-August.

At the start of 2020, Tenet was eyed among the very highly-anticipated films of this year. The new Nolan manufacturing was shrouded in secrecy with varying reports concerning what the plot could comprise, while John David Washington and Robert Pattinson since the prospects only improved excitement among lovers. Tenet needed a mid-July launch date initially, and the film became the centerpiece of if theatres could reopen.

After holding on the first July 17 date for quite a while, Warner Bros. eventually decided to postpone Tenet a few weeks back. The conclusion came following the second trailer that fell to Nolan’s blockbuster, and advertising continued to creep upward since then. But instead of delaying Tenet a couple of months, WB chose to push the movie two weeks and offer it a fresh July 31 release date.

According to THR, Warner Bros. has postponed Tenet for its next time. The movie’s brand new launch date is Wednesday, August 12, therefore Tenet has just moved back another two weeks in the previous year and roughly a month complete from as it was initially slated to emerge.

As one of the biggest markets in the nation, Tenet’s inability to play with New York would just have made the movie’s box office performance much more of an uphill struggle. However, as there’s no timetable available for whenever nearly all theatres across America and the rest of the planet will be open, delaying Tenet two weeks well induce WB to postpone Nolan’s picture again if things do not improve.

Though an additional two weeks may not make that large of a gap about the movie theater business condition, the announcement issued by WB is further proof that they intend to maintain Tenet in theatres and not create it a VOD choice. The decision to publish the film on a Wednesday rather than the usual Friday seems to play WB’s expectation that Tenet will be a long-lasting box office actor. The mid-week launching will further dampen the opening numbers in the box office, but it seems like Tenet will be in theatres well past the classic three-month run. That approach could work for Tenet in case it’s as talked about as some of Nolan’s past movies, even though it ultimately does not keep this new August launch date.

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