Harry Potter: Universal Parks Responds To J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Tweets

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With recent backlash from J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans Twitter remarks, Universal Parks creates a statement concerning its commitment to inclusion.

Together with her worldwide fan base with grown widely considering publishing the very first Harry Potter publication back in 1997, Rowling is among the biggest actors on Earth. Being a result of the huge success of the whole franchise, Rowling was said to be worth more than a thousand dollars — a promise that the author refused. In the years after her first astounding success, she had been understood to have given away a terrific deal of her riches to different charities, but that did not stop her from keeping the name of this United Kingdom’s best-selling writer.

Past that the Harry Potter novels, there’s become a monstrously popular movie series starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, in addition to a stage production, video games, video games, theme parks, and virtually any kind of product which may be considered. Now, as well as this drawback, recent remarks Rowling created on Twitter about trans girls have cast her into a, particularly troubling lighting.

In the aftermath of the controversial tweets, numerous actors such as Radcliffe have taken the chance to distance themselves in Rowling. What is more, fans from all over the world have voiced their dismay and anger over the matter.

The announcement is to the stage and comes when Rowling’s prevalence is in severe danger. Radcliffe’s report on the writer’s remarks emphasized that Harry Potter lovers who’ve discovered something useful or particular in the novels and movies have their bond with the show, which can not be tarnished by anybody else’s remarks or remarks. Whether Potter lovers — notably trans and non-binary identifying individuals — will nevertheless feel comfortable seeing Universal Parks’ Wizarding World is a challenging question to answer. In the minimum, however, Universal Parks has done what it could to say in no uncertain terms that it doesn’t require a similar position to Rowling with this particular situation.

With the growth of immunity to Rowling’s comments rising, Rowling recently took the chance to compose a letter where she clarifies her remarks. Sadly, this still neglects that the trans community in a significant way and has just intensified the backlash against her. Now, the ideal thing Rowling can do is apologize for what she is mentioned, but even when she did, there is an excellent chance it is too late. The harm was done, and sadly, a lot of people around the world won’t ever see Rowling or even Harry Potter at precisely the same light again.

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