Gujarat’s Jyoti CNC makes indigenous ventilators named “Dhaman-1”

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Gujarat’s colorful city Rajkot is a hub for auto-parts and engineering manufacturing spare-parts to domestic and international buyers which includes railways and defense.

In a significant fulfillment towards the fight against COVID19, a Rajkot-based CNC machine tools maker, Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd has developed an indigenous ventilator named as “Dhaman-1” . Which was developed within less than two weeks at Jyoti CNC’s Rajkot plant and costs less than ₹1 lakh while normal ventilator costs around ₹6 lakh per piece currently in India.

Dhaman means blower that pumps the air, It’s given indigenous name as it’s part of Make in India project. Jyoti CNC’s managing director, Shri Parakramsinh Jadeja, shared with media that the production has begun and the initial 1,000 pieces of ventilators will be donated to the Gujarat government for Covid-19 and other needy patients.

Jadeja said,

“We have developed this product keeping in mind the Make in India mission. It required several imported parts to be used for it. Since imports were tough at this time, we sourced parts from about 26 different companies from across India. To develop this pressure-controlled ventilator, we had deployed a team of about 150 engineers under the leadership of Rajendra Parmar, who led this project,”

A team of approx 150 people led by Shri Rajendrsinh Parmar, who had stayed in the USA for 5 years and then came back and working in India for 10 years. Parmar made it possible within just 10 days. The parts were obtained from total 26 local companies as currently, no parts can be imported.

The company currently has the capacity to manufacture about 10 pieces every day. “The production has already begun and three units have been provided to the government,” said Jadeja. The indigenously developed ventilator was tested on a patient at Ahmedabad Civil hospital on Saturday and that gave positive results.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani welcomed and said,

“Gujarat is setting an example of Make in India. In this pandemic crisis across the world, there is a shortage of ventilators. In such a challenging situation, our Rajkot’s entrepreneur has showcased the true spirit of innovation.”

Nitin Patel, Deputy CM and also the State Health Minister highlighted that ventilators are extremely crucial for Covid-19 patients. “The ventilators, which are available in the market cost about ₹6 lakh, while Jyoti CNC has developed this ventilator at ₹1 lakh, which would be a big relief for the healthcare sector.”

Parakramsinh Jadeja also added that after the successful rollout of Dhaman-1, the company will also look at upgraded variants of the product with immense capacities.

According to State health department officials, the State has about 2,761 ventilators and requires 1000 more ventilators to fight against Corona. Jadeja shared that they will build 100 ventilators per day for the next few days and then they will also provide ventilators to Maharashtra state. They also had a talk with CM Uddhav Thakre of Maharashtra for that.

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