Fuller House Series Finale Cameos That Make Michelle’s Absence Even Worse

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Fuller House finishes w/ DJ, Stephanie, & Kimmy’s triple wedding some of the event’s guests highlight how awful it’s that Michelle did not attend.

Although many fans were expecting to see Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen reprise their Full House function, it is much more disappointing upon understanding that a few of the guests in attendance had no business being there.

Michelle’s lack is a glaring plot hole in Fuller House regardless of the series explaining her whereabouts and that she could not connect her family in San Francisco. In season, it was disclosed that the youngest Tanner sister is currently based in New York, where she conducts her style empire, which mirrors the Olsens’ real-life livelihood. Even though the twins were provided the opportunity to reprise their breakout part in the Netflix offshoot, both turned it down. There were rumors that Fuller House creatives additionally requested Elizabeth Olsen to appear possible, but nothing came from it.

Irrespective of the circumstance, fans were hoping that Michelle could appear at Fuller House’s farewell year, particularly with the two sisters getting married – a rare occasion that nobody in the household overlook. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear, with hardly any explanation by the series about why she is not able to attend DJ and Stephanie’s big day, except to get a meta-joke about Michelle’s lack, basically for the audiences’ benefit. Fuller House skated through Michelle’s non-attendance, rather than Danny (Bob Saget) inquired about why his youngest daughter was not coming into the exceptional occasion. Though this is already frustrating for long-time lovers of Entire House who understand how integral Michelle would be into the Tanners, visiting a few of the guests throughout the collecting makes it much worse.

The occasion was attended by the couples’ nearest friends like Matt (John Brotherton) and Gia (Marla Sokoloff), who deserve to be there since they have become near the brides and grooms throughout the past couple of decades. The issue includes guests whose presence does not make sense like CJ (Virginia Williams) – Steve’s (Scott Weinger) ex-fiancé, that had been nominated in the altar after the groom recognized he’s still in love with DJ. It is a nasty break-up, and she largely blamed DJ for this. Therefore it is overwhelming that somehow, she is prepared to see Steve and DJ get married.

Meanwhile, Kimmy’s former boy Duane (Scott Menville), who is lovingly remembered for his trademark catchphrase “anything,” was prominently featured. Granted, this is not Duane’s very first look in Fuller House, with popped out into their high school reunion episode a few seasons ago, it is still weird that he got invited to the marriage especially considering Fernando’s (Juan Pablo di Pace) trend to become over-jealous.

Understandably, Fuller House desired to attract several familiar faces back into the finale to link it to Total House. Still, it is frustrating to think that the Tanners encouraged these side characters into the marriage, and there is not even any debate about Michelle’s lack. While the series creatives could do this much in seeking to convince the Olsens to combine the series, the addition of figures that were less powerful on DJ and Stephanie makes Michelle’s exception more evident.

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