Family Guy: Cleveland Actor Quits So Show Can Recast Role

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A significant change is coming to Family Guy, as the actor who voices Cleveland Brown stops to allow a Black actor to take over the position.

A significant change is coming to Family Guy, since the actor who voices Cleveland Brown quits to permit a Black actor to consider the position. The decision is simply the latest in an avalanche of White voice actors leaving characters which should be played by Dark voice actors. However, this choice might be the most seismic as Cleveland was voiced by the same actor for over two years now.

Cleveland, one of very few from the Family Guy universe – started as a recurring role once the series began in 1999. But he did take a break due to his spinoff,” The Cleveland Show, that aired on Fox from 2009 to 2013. Mike Henry, who voices the actor, also voices Herbert and Consuela on Family Guy, among other various aspects to pop up in Quahog.

However, Cleveland clearly will soon be voiced by a different celebrity. Henry professed a deep love for the character, but took a dip in another similar motions that have come on animated programs this week, stating that”persons of color ought to play roles of color. ” This has the look of being a coordinated attempt by Fox to end the whitewashing of the animated programming, with The Simpsons announcing round precisely the same time they would no longer possess white actors to play non-white roles.

Henry’s tweet is currently the only public announcement about Cleveland, so it’s unclear where the character and reveal go out. His tweet suggests he considers the role ought to be recast using a Black celebrity. It’s also possible the showplace to begin its 19th season in the autumn – could quit utilizing the character, similar to when The Simpsons virtually ceased featuring Apu. However, that conclusion would likely generate further controversy.

Henry’s choice fits into the more significant shift happening in the cartoon this week. Jenny Slate kicked things off by declaring Instagram that she would be departing the role of Missy on Big Mouth. Central Park soon followed suit by removing Kristen Bell by the character of Molly, although she’ll voice a new personality later on. We likely haven’t seen the ending of Henry’s time with Family Guy – he voices other roles, after all. But his departure is a very long overdue shift for Family Guy to deliver the reigns of the most prominent Black personality to a Black actor.

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