Disney’s Cancelled Atlantis Movie Sequel Plans Revealed

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Director Kirk Wise shows the first strategy for Disney’s canceled sequel into its 2001 animated feature movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

A year after, the studio continued in precisely the same way with Treasure Planet, setting a comparable 2D animated sci-fi twist on Treasure Island.

This break from convention did not last long; the two Atlantis and Treasure Planet disappointed commercially and brought mixed reviews, prompting Disney to leave any plans of continuing their tales. By that stage, they had already finished three episodes to get an Atlantis TV series, branded Team Atlantis. Therefore, they dismantled the remaining portion of the series and stitched the events together as a direct to video sequel named Atlantis: Milo’s Return (published in 2003). As it happens, the filmmakers behind Atlantis had mapped a true theatrical sequel by there, also.

For people who require a refresher: Helga is your second-in-command to Lyle Tiberius Rourke, the head of this assignment, to locate Atlantis in the movie. Unknown to Milothey along with the remainder of the staff are now mercenaries who intend to rob the lost kingdom of its treasures – at least until he receives a variety of these to change their minds and join in defending Atlantis out of Rourke, Helga, along with their remaining troops. Whereas the latter was a crossover between a femme fatale and a callous soldier at the first film, the sequel would have seen her been (as Wise sets it) “an early-20th-century cyborg” afterward she had been seemingly – fatally hurt by Rourke throughout their scuffle at the orgasm of the first movie. It is an intriguing twist that would have given the sequel a baddie inspired by over greed, unlike the initial Atlantis. Whether the sequel would have worked as a complete, that is up for discussion.

It is a pity Atlantis never obtained a proper continuation. The film has its flaws (most importantly, Milo is a White Savior protagonist). Still, the TV series or full-length sequel could have improved on its narrative issues while continuing to learn more about the fascinating mythology of Atlantis from the movie’s gorgeous 2D cartoon (which can be done in the type of Hellboy founder and comic book writer-artist Mike Mignola, who functioned as a production designer). Since its launch, Atlantis has since attracted a cult following in the years, and several of its fans have contended that the film would be an appropriate option to acquire a live-action movie. It likely will not occur because the first animated Atlantis bombed at the box office… but if it does, it might use a few of the thoughts Wise and his collaborators had in mind because of their canceled sequel.

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