Beyonce: Is She Having A Secret Instagram Account: Breakdown Of The Viral Rumor

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Fans and followers of the award-winning singer accept she has a secret Instagram account after her mom, Tina, gave out excessively much data when she talked about how she loved watching her little girl’s cooking videos. Fans trust Beyonce utilizes that mystery account and offers cooking tips on it.

Here’s How We Knew About The Secret Account

In a live Instagram video, Tina stated, “Beyoncé truly has been cooking a ton of incredible stuff on Instagram. She needs to have a cooking show.” On hearing this, fans could hardly imagine how the mother of two has been cooking.

“I’m still dead off of Tina saying Beyoncé be cooking on Instagram,” a fan composed on Twitter. Adding to that, another stated, “What Beyoncé be cooking on IG? Tex-Mex? Ribs? Creole? Étouffée?”

Beyonce Wants To Do A Cooking Show

No one at any point seen Beyoncé cook. We can scarcely get a meeting. So she needs a cooking show ? Idk,” a fan shared. While another additional, “Beyoncé, if you see this, I realize you don’t owe me anything besides, please give me what you have been cooking or only a voice note portraying it please Beyonce.”

While fans go gaga over the updates on Beyonce cooking, Buzzfeed guaranteed that the video was developed. The certified that the video was modified and after it appeared, Tina said Beyonce when she would’ve been discussing Angie Beyonce.

Angie is Beyonce’s cousin, who is the Vice President of Operations at Parkwood Entertainment. Angie regularly posts about cooking on her Instagram page.

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