‘Alita The Battle Angel: Sequel’ These Stars Could Return!

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The much-awaited sequel of ‘Alita The Battle Angel’ produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez is expected to return. The movie is based on Yukito Kishiro’s source material, and the film was a hit. Since the time the film was released, fans have been anticipating a sequel, and now this seems to be happening.

There is a lot of fuss around the potential sequel of the movie. The first part of the film ended on an ambiguous note, thus leaving ample space for the second part. A final word is yet to come from the producers, but this seems inevitable as fans have been campaigning lately for the second part of the movie.

Alita: Battle Angel Fans Want A Sequel Film Announced As Soon As ...
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What’s the probability of the second part of ‘Alita The Battle Angel’?

Since the time ‘Alita The Battle Angel’ was released, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have been open to the possibility of the second part of the movie. After a year, it can be comfortably said that the film may end up getting a second part.

The end was crafted in such a way that it laid a firm foundation for the second part, and this may extend to a form of franchise. Nothing has been said in this regard, and it can’t be ascertained at this point if they will continue with the second part of the movie.

James Cameron has said that they planned the movie only for one part, and there wasn’t a plan per se for the second part of the film. Although they have thought of the second part of the movie and this isn’t something which wasn’t in their head.

James Cameron had a different plan for the movie, and he was planning for a trilogy, and the first part will be the foundation on which the other parts will surmount. So this was part of the plan, and we can expect that the movie will have more than one role.

The stars from ‘Alita The Battle Angel’ expected to join the sequel

As far as the lead cast is concerned, Rosa Salazar has shown her enthusiasm to join the series on several occasions. She has played the leading role and expressed her willingness to participate the sequel if it ever happens. As far as other members of the cast are concerned, some of them have reservations about the delay in starting the sequel.

Christoph Waltz is one such member who has been disappointed with the delay, and he is expecting the sequel to kickstart soon. Edward Norton is expected to join the sequel as he is the one who is going to have a substantial role in the upcoming sequel. He is pretty excited to join the cast if the sequel happens. Other members of the cast expected to join the series are Jai Courtney and Michelle Rodriguez.

Fans are expecting a sequel, so do the members of the cast, but this is something which is going to take substantial deliberation and planning before concluding.

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